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On-Demand Webinar - The rise of Hybrid Banking: Combining physical with digital





The rise of hybrid banking: combining physical with digital

As consumers increasingly engage with their bank remotely, and circumstances such as the pandemic, as well as new digitally-focused strategies continue to play out, there are ongoing questions and serious challenges for banks in defining new models and transitioning to digital offerings.

There will always be different customer preferences and needs for banks to meet. Added to this the variation in complexity of banking activities, and suddenly banks need a considered and highly nuanced approach at the ready.

Many customers will use self-serve digital channels most of the time and as much as they can; others turn first to channels where they can get human help. The latter is still essential for certain transactions, interactions, or even as part of some activities.

Most banks are transforming to a hybrid model but the greatest challenge remains how to replicate the human interaction when it comes to, for example, the explanation and understanding of contractual documents and serious financial decisions and products, as well as the need to adequately verify remote consumers before they gain access to high-value agreements and advisory services.

Banks and FIs that take advantage of the convenience of digital banking while leveraging the benefits of in-person experiences that digital self-service channels cannot provide, will succeed. With the new hybrid banking model, the key is to find the right balance between human-mediated and digital experiences.

Join Finextra, in association with OneSpan, for this webinar, which will discuss recent research and future strategies for banks, addressing the following key questions and more:

  • What does the hybrid model look like to address the new and evolving consumer behaviours in a remote-first world?
  • How do we weave human assistance into digital customer touchpoints for more complex and lengthy interactions to deliver a more collaborative and engaging experience?
  • How to replicate in-person interactions through digital platforms – in a secure and compliant manner?
  • How to create end-to-end experiences whereby consumers can complete complex transactions in a single sitting, remotely, without having to switch channel?
  • Can banks create a strong connection and build loyalty with consumers over time via remote, digital services?


  • Anna Milne - Senior Editor, Finextra
  • Rahim Kaba - VP Product Marketing, OneSpan
  • Alyson Clarke - Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Philip Kinlen - Head of Research & Innovation, Allied Irish Banks (AIB)
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Anna Milne Senior Editor, Finextra
Rahim Kaba VP Product Marketing, OneSpan
Alyson Clarke Principal Analyst, Forrester
Philip Kinlen Head of Research & Innovation, Allied Irish Banks (AIB)