EBAday Online On-Demand Webinar - Driving End-to-End Digitalisation in Payments


EBAday Online On-Demand Webinar - Driving End-to-End Digitalisation in Payments

Staying relevant in the emerging digital ecosystem.

An EBAday Business Forum in association with Fiserv.

This session examines how banks and payment service providers can achieve the end-to-end digitalisation needed to secure their relevance in the future.

Digitalisation as a concept is not a new one in banking, and most banks and payment service providers have made significant progress in digitally transforming key aspects of their business. As the digital payments ecosystem continues to evolve, major drivers of change, such as regulation, technology innovation and competition intensify the need for banks and payment service providers to deepen their digital transformation. What progress has been made in assessing how to monetise open APIs, open banking, instant payments, and how should banks and payment service providers leverage them to create a central role for themselves in the emerging digital ecosystem?

Consumer adoption of digital has transformed their expectations over the last decade, however, payments have not kept up pace. How can payment service providers leverage the digital innovations to provide a seamless, interactive and intuitive user experience?

These topics will be at the core of our guest speakers’ presentations and will offer food for thought for the discussion with your peers.

With thanks to our sponsor Fiserv, join us for an afternoon of insights into key questions facing the industry.

Discussion points include:

  • How successful have banks and payment service providers been so far in carving out a role for themselves in the digital ecosystem? What challenges do they still need to overcome, and are they getting the support they need from their suppliers?
  • What are the corporate liquidity management needs in the age of digitalisation and instant payments? How can banks fulfil them? What are the implications when intraday liquidity management becomes 24x7x365?
  • As digitalisation creates opportunities for new entrants, is collaboration the best way to cope with the disintermediation challenge?
  • Are overlay services critical to the adoption of instant payments, and what are their benefits?
  • How can cloud and managed services act as an enabler?


  • Teresa Connors, Client Director, Payment Matters [Moderator]
  • David Chance, Vice President, Product Strategy & Innovation, Fiserv
  • Tino Kam, Head of Product Management, Nordea
  • Simon McConnell, EMEA Head of FI Payments and Clearing, Citi
  • Serge Wagener, Vice President, Payments, BCEE

This series of online topical webcasts have been designed to keep the discussion around payment trends going in the lead up to EBAday. If you would like to find out more, on how you can sponsor an EBAday Online webinar, contact us now.


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