Webinar - Distilling Disparity: Which API model will banks adopt to shape the future of banking?

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On-Demand Webinar - Distilling Disparity: Which API model will banks adopt to shape the future of ba

Should banks choose premium APIs or premium services to make Open Banking a success?

Open Banking has created the potential for banks to deliver value-added services via application programming interfaces (APIs) but in 2020, it is evident that disparity persists around user experience and API functionality: financial players continue to be hesitant when embracing the future of banking. It is becoming apparent that this hesitancy is now dissipating along with the increasing appetite to remain competitive.

Whether or not regulators and authorities begin to force better results in terms of customer experience through open banking, financial organisations are beginning to make data available that can empower propositions above the products and services that the basic-level mandated APIs can yield.

To what extent are third parties poised to innovate and create new services if they could connect into banks via APIs of a more sophisticated nature than regulation requires? Are they prepared to pay a premium to do so?

As a voluntary bolt-on offered by the banks and paid for by TPPs on a usage basis, so-called premium APIs could help evolve the market, increase cooperation and become a catalyst for bringing about change more rapidly than if banks simply met the requirements currently asked of them. Ultimately, this would create more competition and a better and broader offering for the customer, and a better commercial position for banks.

But which model banks choose to make open banking a success is currently unclear. Will the vehicle be premium APIs or premium services? 

In this Finextra webinar, held in association with Token, you will hear industry experts discuss the following points and more:

  • Are banks embracing digital transformation through APIs beyond the requirements of open banking, allowing third parties to innovate and build new services for the customer?
  • If banks provide broader API connectivity beyond the requirements of open banking, what kinds of services could be built by third parties and how will banks benefit?
  • Beyond mandatory compliance, how can improved bank API access help shape the future of payments? What are the future API-based data services and what data is required from banks?


  • Gary Wright - Head of Research, Finextra [Moderator]
  • Todd Clyde - CEO, Token
  • Craig Borysowich - Principal Technology Architect, Integration Technologies, APIs, and Standards, Payments Canada
  • Jan Plasberg - VP Engineering, Klarna

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