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What is Agile Compliance ?

  AI and Machine Learning are the begining of the transformation of compliance from a system of rules to a system of intelligence. Once these systems become mainstream not only will the systems change, but the staffing levels as well as the type of personnel depolyed at various levels. What Agile Compliance software is publizing is the how their system will interact with staff today as they help transform compliance units that implement these systems in the coming years. I expect at some point in time regulatory agencies will start to mandate these advanced systems by expecting the compliance units to be as agile as those that have them.  What is forgotten here is that as we transform to these intelligent systems, the reality is they are only as good as the specialist that operate them.  Right now, the most experienced compliance members are in the FIUs when you move to a system like Agile your most experienced person will be in the transaction monitoring units.  These systems are designed for real-time analysis.  A perfect example can be seen in law enforcement vs intelligence agencies.  In law enforcement the agent directs the analyst; however, in the intelligence world the analyst directs the agent.  I am looking forward to seeing who are the leaders that will be ahead of the curve and implement AI and Machine Learning systems before the masses. I see them as having the opportunity to assemble the quality staff units while the masses pick over the leftovers.