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A discussion and guidance on the path to full scale adoption of electronic invoicing by corporates, goverments, SME's and consumers, creating savings up to € 60 billion in 2020. With a focus on: trends, business models, processes, technology, and legal issues.

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New Oil and Gas - Brazil eInvoice Mandate

In previous articles, we discussed the concept of Eventos that the Brazil tax authority was evaluating. And as always, the first wave of inbound receiving mandates are already hitting specific indust...

06 Mar 2013
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Brazil eInvoicing - Production Support is the Real Cost

Over the last year, many companies have been re-evaluating their strategy for managing Brazil Nota Fiscal and Latin America eInvoicing in general. These changes are due to Production Support issues a...

28 Feb 2013
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AP eInvoicing: Top 5 Differences Latam vs Europe

As discussed in previous blogs, there are many differences between eInvoicing in Latin America and the rest of the world. This includes Europe specifically. In this article, I specifically point out ...

13 Feb 2013
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Mexico Inbound eInvoicing Requirements 2013

Even with the newly announced December 28th mandates by the Mexico SAT, there is still quite a bit of confusion in the marketplace. If you run a Shared Services environment or if you are in charge ta...

05 Feb 2013
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Selecting the Right eInvoicing Solution for Latin America

Over the last few months, there have been a number of announcements by vendors stating that they are now supporting the einvoicing process in Latin America - specifically Brazil Nota Fiscal and Mexico...

11 Jan 2013
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Nota Fiscal for Services for Inbound AP Invoices

In this article, I focus more on the issues faced with Nota Fiscal for Services when looking at the compliance tasks from an Account Payables point of view. Remember that Service invoices are handled ...

13 Nov 2012
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Invoice fraud in Australian Local Govt.


08 Nov 2012
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New Brazil Nota Fiscal Inbound Process Changes 2013

There have been a lot of changes in 2012 concerning Brazil's Nota Fiscal legislation. First, we saw the mandate for the CT-e (transportation invoices), then we saw the CCe (correction notice), and now...

22 Oct 2012
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Mexico eInvoicing - September 2012 Updates to CFDI

As always, there are constant changes and alterations to the laws for Latin America electronic invoicing. And, well we expect to see more out of Mexico towards the end of the year -- Here are some o...

08 Oct 2012
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AP e-Invoicing: Go Beyond the Operational Issues

Over the past 10 years, I have seen the terminology of e-Invoicing mean many things. In most cases, many managers will still view this as eliminating paper via OCR and Workflow -- well others now view...

25 Sep 2012
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Mexico eInvoicing CFDI 2013 - No Time to Waste

There is a small storm of activity coming in the next 18 months. And even though it is hurricane season, I am not speaking about rain and wind. I am speaking about the transition from CFD to CFDI for...

13 Sep 2012
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Latin America Proves that eInvoicing can be Successful

The goals of eliminating tax evasion and black market goods has definitely been achieved through the mandatory enforcement of electronic invoicing by Latin American governments. For example, Brazil ha...

04 Sep 2012