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Brazil Nota Fiscal: NFe v3.1 2014 mandated change


The Brazilian SEFAZ, tax authority, in combination with the ENCAT, the technical arm of the SEFAZ, has just published the latest version of Nota Fiscal as of July.  In future blogs, we will be discussing the impact to the current processes; however, these are the key items your teams should be aware of concerning the timing and breadth of the changes.

  • The new version is denoted as version 3.1
  • This is denoted by the SEFAZ as the largest change since version 2.0 in 2010
  • The SEFAZ has described both NF-e (Business 2 Business invoices) and NFC-e (Business to Consumer Invoices to replace ECF printers) in this version
  • Changes to how the web services work are defined with the SEFAZ
  • There are new mandated fields in the XML that will require augmentation to the ERP system
  • There are new contingency processes for NF-e in Sao Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul, and there is a new contingency process for NFC-e


Important Timing: All companies will need to be live with the newer 3.1 version by the end of 2014.



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