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This network brings together treasury and financial professionals who manage treasury functions. Members share a common interest in treasury, cash management, banking, risk management and investments.

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Laurent Descout

Part two: FX and hedging for SMEs - between a rock and a hard place

FX execution and hedging have been a widely mismanaged feature of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for years, with no automation or analytics and high transaction costs. The need for a modern...

19 Jan 2021
Laurent Descout

Reflections on Treasury in 2020

As we round off what has been a challenging and turbulent year, it is important to look back at the treasury industry changes that we experienced and the lessons and outcomes that we have learned. In ...

21 Dec 2020
Laurent Descout

Managing treasury operations safely and securely from a remote environment

The events of 2020 have caused many people to reassess how they manage their businesses. Treasurers were forced into an unprecedented situation where they had to manage cash and international payments...

01 Dec 2020
Laurent Descout

Using data analytics to improve SME cash flow and treasury management

The pressure facing SMEs this year is widely known, and they are looking for ways to improve their cash flow and payment decisions. Data analytics is a hidden gem that many SMEs are not tapping into. ...

25 Nov 2020
Laurent Descout

Fintech innovation must not leave treasurers behind

The fintech revolution has replaced outdated technologies and streamlined antiquated practices across a wider range of industries. However, this wave of innovation seems to have bypassed corporate tre...

18 Nov 2020
Nick Applebee

Pressure rises for small banks to improve liquidity visibility

Pressure rises for small banks to improve liquidity visibility As financial institutions adapt to the pandemic, business continuity planning (BCP) has emerged as a key area of improvement for banks of...

26 Oct 2020
Olivier Gazon

SMEs and their personnel: the sacrifice of the COVID-19 crisis?

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated an unprecedented economic contraction, hitting SMEs first due to their structurally limited solvency. Banks, even when backed up by State guarantee, are unable to...

23 Jun 2020
Adrian Sargent

Sustatinble Finance - a treasurer's brief

Why care about sustainable finance? ‘Sustainable’ is a buzzword right now: but why pay attention and what is all the fuss about? If you are a treasurer who aspires to make corporate life socially and ...

01 Jun 2020
Pete McIntyre

Give thanks for the Federal Reserve: Intraday liquidity reflections

I’ve just come back from a week in New York and it was great to understand the latest thinking and progress on intraday liquidity in the US and Canada. As well as meeting up with industry colleagues a...

25 Nov 2019
Andrew Beatty

Commercial Banking: It's what's Cooking!

I recently hired the head of product management for our next generation commercial banking platform. He won me over during the interview with his personal story: "My dad owned his own constructio...

02 May 2019
Retired Member

Trade Finance needs a Network to network

A rather obvious statement don’t you think? A silly aphorism; perhaps akin to “a trussed and bagged ferret troubleth no man”, (thank you to the late Christopher Hitchens for that witticism). The fac

02 Apr 2019
Domenico Scaffidi

Liquidity fragmentation: enemy of global treasuries

There is a lot of change going on in the cash management industry. Payment modernization, increased regulation and market and consumer 24/7 expectations are seen as four catalysts causing a distinct s...

20 Feb 2019

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