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The Finextra50 Financial Technology Index is a free-float value weighted index of the world's leading companies that provide technology-based products and services to the financial services industry. It was set at an indexed value of 100 at market close on Friday 4th May 2007. This is a community for discussing the index, its movements and wider M and A activity in the fintech world.

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Paul Penrose

Trading floor bonanza cue for market downturn?

Estate agents and trading technology suppliers in New York and London are preparing for a business bonanza as bulge bracket investment banks scope for sites to build a new generation of trading floors...

03 Apr 2007
Paul Penrose

Inside the Blackstone IPO

Private equity has grown fat on critiquing the operation of public companies. The Blackstone IPO offers a rare opportunity to turn the tables. As part of its filing with the SEC, Blackstone issued a...

29 Mar 2007
Paul Penrose

Smart money freezes out Ice in favour of CME

Where's the smart money going on the likely outcome of the ongoing tug-of-war for the Chicago Board of Trade (Cbot)? Dublin-based person-to-person trading mart Intrade has listed 4 new markets on the...

28 Mar 2007
Paul Penrose

Missing Link mystery solved

I blogged Monday about a curious report in the Sunday Times that identified the UK’s Link ATM network as the frontrunner to buy Lloyds TSB Registrars, the share registration arm of the UK bank. Llo...

23 Mar 2007
Paul Penrose

Missing Link for Lloyds TSB Registrars

Shares in Lloyds TSB have firmed up on weekend reports that UK ATM network operator Link has emerged as the frontrunner to buy the bank's share registration arm. Link, backed by US buy-out firm Bain C...

19 Mar 2007
Paul Penrose

Clearing the way for more consolidation

All eyes on Deutsche Börse and Italy’s Monte Titoli after rival exchange Euronext divested itself of all but five per cent of its holding in clearing and settlement agent LCH.Clearnet (LCH.Clearnet t...

15 Feb 2007
Paul Penrose

Citi to bring Egg back to the boil

Muted cheers across the City after UK insurer Prudential eventually offloaded its loss-making Internet banking operation Egg to Citigroup for £575 million (Prudential sells Egg to Citigroup). The pri...

29 Jan 2007

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