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The Single Euro Payments Area, the Payments Services Directive, the Eurosystem, TARGET2, STEP2, the Euro and related matters.

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Gary Wright

Could there be a real rival to SWIFT?

Finding a SWIFT alternative always comes up in any discussion about messaging standards and the direction the finance industry is going. Most professional people in the know agree that SWIFT is a doub...

04 Feb 2009
Gary Wright

Thomson Reuters Hub looks the business

Yesterday's announcement from Thomson Reuters about their partnerships with Cisco's Jabber XCP, IBM Lotus' Sametime and Microsoft's LCS/OCS can only be termed exciting. The hub connection solution is ...

03 Feb 2009
Gary Wright

Avoiding a depression

It's not often that I find myself in agreement with Peter Mandelson the UK Government Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform but this economic crisis is producing many stran...

02 Feb 2009
Retired Member

Crisis gives national banks an upper hand in payments

I have been thinking a lot about how the crisis is having a different impact on the world’s national banks, which don’t seem to be suffering as badly as the big international players. In the cards and...

29 Jan 2009
Gary Wright

Banks should return to single capacity

It's been over twenty years since "Big Bang" in the UK where single capacity business was abolished in favour of duel capacity. Single capacity was where brokers could only deal on behalf of...

19 Nov 2008
Gary Wright

PSD Breeds European Fragmentation

SEPA credit transfers went live at the beginning of this year and to date can hardly be called a resounding success. What is presented in the media and the party political line spouted by various pund...

21 Oct 2008
Gary Wright

EMXCo An STP Story

As news from the markets veer from bad to worse and each day brings more doom and gloom its worth noting one of the big success story's of the last few years. EMXCo were set up in the 20th century to ...

17 Oct 2008
Gary Wright

We are all bankers now

The part nationalisation of UK banks looks like it will become a global phenomenon with the US already moving towards this solution and the EU following suit if weekend reports are accurate. Is this a...

14 Oct 2008
Gary Wright

Financial Crisis drives bullyboy tactics

Now I know this might be a small issue in the whole scheme of the global financial meltdown but HSBC seems to be plummeting to new depths of desperation. Only this week, I learnt how HSBC has been

09 Oct 2008
Gary Wright

Will we see the return of trade barriers?

In 1929 one of the biggest factors was the introduction of nationalistic trade barriers. These were protective measures to ensure domestic businesses were supported over and above those of the global ...

08 Oct 2008
Gary Wright

New Risks for Banks

For years the market has prided itself on its ability to measure and manage a number of risks that are inherent within financial markets. Counterparty Risks, Operational Risks and those risks based on...

07 Oct 2008
Gary Wright

Primary market under threat

Corporate finance remains aloof from many of the operational assessments that are focused on systems and procedures in the secondary market. Many people working in corporate finance also have an aloof...

06 Oct 2008

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