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The NFT industry began to actively develop during the 2020-2021 cryptocurrency bull market

The NFT industry began to actively develop during the 2020-2021 cryptocurrency bull market and gave a lot of opportunities investing in NFTs. Tokens were actively used as a unique and simple means of enrichment on different NFT marketplaces. They were used by media personalities to increase their brand awareness or simply to own cool and rare items. After that a lot of people tried to find out how to make money with NFT art or how to find the best NFTs to invest in.


However, in 2022 the situation may change and non fungible tokens may evolve again and become a truly important and valuable part of the cryptocurrency world. Tokens can be used as a universal asset, a bridge between different blockchains, or a key to interaction in the metaverses. And at the same time, all of them will be equally valuable due to the active development of cross-chain technologies, as well as the sector of virtual worlds and GameFi. And for now there are a lot of possibilities to make money from NFT.

The main trends in the NFT market to watch in 2022

The NFT market has already experienced a certain boom, with total token sales reaching a cosmic $25 billion in 2021. But after that, a powerful recession followed and the market collapsed by more than 50%. But if you think that the NFT is "a train ticket that has left", then you are mistaken! The industry has a huge potential for development and is only at the initial primitive stage of its existence.


The NFT is just beginning to take shape as a class asset. There is no doubt that in 2022 and beyond, this crypto sector will continue to develop and function due to the limitless possibilities of use in different sectors of human activity. In this article, we offer top 5 major NFT trends that you definitely need to keep an eye on.


1. Blockchain differentiation. Gradually, we are witnessing the transformation of the industry, which consists in acquiring the main advantage of crypto projects - obtaining decentralization. If until recently all NFT projects were created on the basis of the main altcoin Ethereum, then in 2022 many effective and profitable alternatives have appeared.


Large and successful NFT projects are being built on Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, NEAR, Polkadot and other promising blockchains. Differentiation appears on the market both in terms of the functionality of blockchains and in terms of the distribution of trading volumes between networks. This allows the market to develop in different directions and create a completely different, but at the same time profitable and useful product.


2. P2E industry. Back in late 2021, many began to notice that the NFT industry was shifting into the playing field. If in 2020 the main feature of non fungible arts was the creation of unique art objects or art platforms for a narrow category of people. However, later we saw a new round of development of the NFT industry, which won the hearts of millions of gamers around the world. Many have heard of projects such as Drunk Robots, Axie Infinite and many others. The combination of interesting gameplay and various in-game NFT investments items that can be traded and traded formed a separate P2E direction. And there is no doubt that it will continue to develop in 2022.


3. INO. The cryptocurrency world is in many ways a mirror of the current situation in the world, and many mechanics also reflect certain processes in the classical economy. Such an example was the ICO BOOM in 2019-2020, but in 2021 the trend for the initial NFT offer began to emerge. And in 2022, this way of attracting investments for gaming projects has become a real storehouse of liquidity. Project teams use this mechanic to diversify the audience and raise the necessary funds for the development of the project. Thus, NFTs have become a kind of analogue of securities, which have a lot of additional functionality. And every day more and more NFT marketplace appears, where users are provided with a wide range of opportunities for investing in NFT or how to sell NFT artwork.


4. An absolutely new direction in building a special process of interaction between different representatives of the crypto community. Many well-known NFT tokens from leading collections like BAYC or CryptoPunks are worth dozens of ETH, and not everyone can afford them. Some marketplaces are developing a unique partial ownership system that allows users to own the coolest NFTs from the top collections through the pooling of resources in a multisig wallet. The function is just starting its journey in the crypto world and will soon appear in full form on the Liquidifty marketplace.


5. Using NFT to own various items. It's no secret that in order to confirm the ownership of land or a car, a person needs to show a special document that secures this right for him. In the crypto world, everything will be much easier thanks to NFT technologies. Due to the unique structure and ease of use, non fungible tokens will replace the usual documents certifying any right for an individual. First of all, this trend will continue in the digital world of the metaverses, but will also begin to apply in real life.


The huge variety of functions that the NFT technology hides makes it necessary to seriously approach the search for a best NFT marketplace where, for a small commission, the user can fully use the potential of non fungible tokens. Liquidifty is one of the best NFT platform where the implementation of any of these features is real. The marketplace hosts a large number of INO and IDO unique projects every month with P2E mechanics and valuable NFTs. The latest Drunk Robots project set up an absolute sold out, making a 300% profit.


In addition, the Liquidifty NFT marketplace Launchpad system allows users to use the NFT trade platform life hacks and receive additional privileges when participating in Airdrops and other marketplace activities.


Liquidifty NFT marketplace users can deposit non-fungible collectibles as collateral for crypto loans, which in turn can be used to earn additional DeFi income, trade, bet, and more.


Multiple Ownership: Fractional pools that allow users to buy premium NFT shares and earn a percentage of the profits once the asset is sold, which can only happen if all or most of the holders sign a transaction in a multisig wallet.


In 2022, a difficult question arose regarding the future of the crypto market and the NFT industry. The bear market severely hit people's investment ability, and the level of liquidity in the market fell by almost half. The co-founder of the NFT marketplace Liquidifty NFT Slava Mikhalkin has his own opinion on this matter:


"NFT, like any other popular trend, follows periods. At first, there was a period of excitement and high expectations. In the spring and summer of 2021, we saw disappointment and a gradual fading of emotions. The next stage will be total disappointment and recognition of the NFT as a scam.




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