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Mobile Money, the forecasted next big thing

Every professional with the vision of mobilizing money has been focused on mobile financial services for years. It abvious that plastic cards and mobile handsets are going to converge by the deliver of near field technology. But, how are we sure about that? Consider superseding from cash to credit cards and think about what give the convinience using credit cards in order to cash. There're many answers to that. Now let's seek the correct answer which will  solve the problem of mobile money. I assume that we still don't have a simple answer yet to use handsets in order to wallets; nontheless simplest reason and this is the issue needs to be solved to convince every stake holder at retail business.

So, what we need to do is to focus on adding values on mobile money like interactivity or marketing solutions or trust services. We've developed 3rd factor authentication solution, smart poster based marketing tool that grabs shoppers and diverts their shopping, self-paymets at restaurants which surpasses asking for a check and tested these solutions. What we learned is, they're nice, really nice and my insight is the correct answers is not only these nice things. We may skip to try to add value to mobile money in the short term.

Let's keep searching to the area where the money will be mobilizing. Let's just analyse underbanking and mobile user customer profile. High revenue generator with high or at least average education and skills on using techonogy and earning their own money or have properties. Mostly two sectors', finance and mobile, customer intersects. Ok, than what about the others? What about poverty? Unbanked and unreachables? The poor people without the ability of accessing money or mobility. And let's consider about financial services given to these people. I think, this is one of way of mobilizing money.


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