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Bio Tejasvi Addagada is a data practitioner and consultant assisting fortune 500 firms. He helps to build and optimize data management and governance solutions. Tej provides a wide range of services including data strategy, risk management, app service rationalization, digital transformation and process excellence. He also currently heads the data management and governance operations of a major financial institution. Tejasvi published his latest book, Data Management and Governance Services: Simple and Effective Approaches in 2017, and held pre-booking records in this space. Apart from that, he is an abstract painter and also likes to spend time with family. Career History Tejasvi has worked with the top ten major global financial service providers by providing a wide range of services including strategy analysis, data analysis & architecture, service rationalization, digital transformation and process excellence.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

A culture of accountability from within - Promotes data privacy and protection for customers

04 Apr 2021

It's natural to take a risk-based approach to data privacy. However, I believe approaching privacy through a benefits-based approach has its own merits. Moreover, by managing customer privacy, there is significant business value derived from the resulting customer confidence and trust in the relationship: At the outset, data privacy management ena...

Analytics in Banking

Ten Financial Services use-cases of Catalog, Glossary and Metadata

28 Feb 2021

Banks and Financial institutions are modernizing their data platforms and associated tool-sets to serve the fast needs of data practitioners, including data scientists, data analysts, business intelligence and reporting analysts, and self-service-embracing business and technology personnel. However, as the tool-stack in most organizations is being...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Three 2021 trends in data governance, for firms, to bolster digital transformation and sustain

03 Jan 2021

In 2021, the focus of financial services will be inclined to enable digital customer journeys as well as to sustain and grow revenue streams. Actively governing data will make managing it more formalized thus making it more available, less complex to understand, and protect the customers' data rights. Three principles and associated formalized dime...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Artificial Intelligence in Data Privacy and Protection can increase customer trust

09 Aug 2020

The development of Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection domains are largely dependent on the economic and societal needs. While Artificial Intelligence develops better customer services by wrangling trillions of BigData and learning from it, data protection is poised to build trust in people to share data with Organizations. A recent surve...

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A new perspective on the potential of data

  Nice perspective. In most organizations today; data is considered an Enterprise asset. It is no surprise if we see the value of data included in the balance sheets of business. Regulations like BCBS 239, GDPR, EU No 1024/2013, EMIR, MiFID2, as you rightly stated are the primary drivers that created a need to manage risks and value arising from data and its operations. Though, other drivers that are necessitating the needs include strategy changes, business model changes, and advancements in technology. I don’t see any specific time when cost cutting should be triggered. In my view cost optimization is an ongoing enabler in any organization. The existence of Data Governance and Data Risk management functions either centralized or distributed, based on the organization need, will help in realizing the complete value of data. This will further assist in simplifying the data landscape while rationalizing it, thus reducing operating costs associated with data operations and data related issues. This also enables new business discovery. My final thought is that Business should own their data, the value it creates and the loss related to its risks. Organizations should enable, empower and enforce data driven culture, responsibilities and accountabilities of data ownership to make your thoughts feasible. For further reading, you can refer http://dataassociation.net/dablog/call-it-a-success-by-integrating-risk-management-into-your-data-governance