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Global Head of Marketing at TRG Screen
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Bio Responsible for the the global marketing & communications strategy for TRG Screen. TRG Screen is the leading provider of software used to monitor and manage subscription spend & usage across the entire enterprise. TRG Screen provides a portfolio of products & services which help clients in the financial, legal and professional verticals manage their market data, research, software and high value subscriptions. Career History Over 15 years within the financial services & information technology industry.



Data, Data Everywhere: Managing New Digital Assets in The Market Data Mix

07 Dec 2022

The financial services industry is known for its complexity in terms of the multitude and proliferation of market participants, vendors, products, user requirements, agreements and pricing structures. Alongside this, the global financial sector generates an enormous amount of data (measured today in petabytes i.e., 1,000s of terabytes), creating d...

Trends in Financial Services

2022: A transformative year in financial market data?

21 Feb 2022

2022: A transformative year in financial market data? Five themes to watch in ever-changing data market Increasingly complex data poses risks for unwary “The Great Resignation”, staffing and admin overload Post-Covid inflation highlights need to curb costs Hybrid workforce brings compliance headaches, weighty admin burden Managed services market f...