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Bio A payments professional, consultant, SME, champion and evangelist for cards and payments. Over 15 years experience, with a strategic and market focus, an International outlook, enabling organisations to maximise the value of their payments solutions. A track record of creating customer focused Career History VP Business Development at Konsentus General Manager at Open Payments Cloud Principal Product Manager at Compass Plus Senior Consultant, previously Business Manager at ACI. Product Manager, and previously Senior Business Consultant and Project Manager at Experian


Innovation in Financial Services

Good Old Days of Chip and PIN Vs. The Wild West of FinTech

12 Dec 2014

At the Connecting Payments conference on Wednesday we celebrated 10 years since the successful roll out of Chip & PIN in the UK. This was the largest coordinated shift in consumer payment behaviour since decimalisation, and the celebration was well deserved. The excellent presentations and panel discussions including those directly involved at ...

Innovation in Financial Services

Common sense prevails - but when?

05 Dec 2014

As I said on Wednesday, innovation should be about solving real world needs rather than just inventing smart technology. Paying in cheques by photographing them is one of the those innovations that just work. The infrastructure is tried and tested – cheques, camera phones, digital imaging, etc., but even better is the fact that the consumer immedia...

Innovation in Financial Services

Inventor or Innovator ?

03 Dec 2014

The guy who invented the first wheel was a great inventor - The guy who saw the need for the other three was an innovator. There is a lot of smart technology invented, but unless it finds the right application it remains just that – smart technology. It is only when smart technology is used to solve a real world need that true innovation happens. I...

Innovation in Financial Services

Mobile and the SOA Silver Bullet

11 Apr 2014

For several years I have blogged about how many banks continue to rely on legacy systems and how the latest proverbial straw never seems to break the camel’s back. Now mobile payments and mobile banking looks like it will finally break through to the mainstream. With Paym going live on April 29th, is mobile payments the final straw? Although some o...


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