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Benny Boye Johansen

Benny Boye Johansen

Head of OpenAPI at Saxo Bank
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Bio Responsible for the design and commercialization of Saxo Banks OpenAPI offering. I have been with Saxo Bank since 2004 in various roles, from developer, to department manager, enterprise architect and now Head of OpenAPI. Career History 30 years of experience in IT development, project management, product management, architecture or general leadership, mostly across the financial services industry and the hearing industry. Co-author of several books on software development, and of several patents related to sound improvement.


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API Quality is more than meets the eye

24 Mar 2023

As Saxo is working to create the vision for our next version of OpenAPI, we are looking for many sources of inspiration as to what needs to get improved. One initiative is a collaboration with the Department of Digitalization at Copenhagen Business School with the purpose to assess API quality and how different ways of working, different design me...

Open Banking

The status of Open Banking in Europe - From inside the bubble

01 Mar 2020

I've just come back from the Open Banking and APIs Forum in Amsterdam arranged by Fleming. It is a small event, but still diverse in participants and speakers across incumbent banks, neo banks, intermediaries, infrastructure firms and even the EBA was represented. My speaking slot "Add trading and investing to your core banking offering" ...

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Open Banking is here to stay - here is how to make the most of it

12 Feb 2020

The current Open Banking offering provided by most banks stops at the lowest common denominator, providing access to a client’s current account and allowing for payment initiation and account aggregation. Many banks have seen such APIs as a threat and just a way to fulfill a regulatory requirement, as they have been very hard to monetise. They no...


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Is PSD2 just an MVP towards true Open Banking?

06 Jul 2018

On January 13, a piece of EU legislation known as the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) came into effect, mandating that banks must make it possible for a third party company to write software through which bank customers can access their accounts and initiate payments. In other words, banks are now required to open up their data to third parties....