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Principal Business Solutions Manager at SAS
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Bio Nick is a global fraud and financial crime subject matter expert within the SAS Risk, Fraud and Compliance division. He has worked with a number of different clients over the last nine years, gaining extensive experience in a wide variety of fraud and compliance trends, including internal fraud, application/claims fraud, benefit fraud, procurement fraud, counter terrorist financing and terrorist cell identification. Over the last five years he has focused on insurance fraud, working with a variety of insurers and insurance associations all over the world. Career History Prior to joining SAS, Nick worked with the UK Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), where he developed a number of analytical products to detect insurance fraud risks. Nick also spent five years working as a Crime Analyst alongside the Metropolitan Police.



Call the Consortium: Puzzling out insurance fraud with collective data

16 May 2024

If cracking an insurance fraud case is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, then data points are the puzzle pieces. Insurer special investigative units (SIUs) work hard to put together the data at hand — the puzzle pieces — to see the complete picture. But just as missing crucial pieces of a puzzle can leave the picture incomplete, a lack of data can ...