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Bio Independent management consultant working at the intersection of new technology and the financial services industry. Currently specialising in EMV chip and PIN for the card payments industry. Career History 1998 - Present: Independent consultant 1990 - 1998: SRI Consulting 1982 - 1990: Ernst and Young 1980 - 1982: GEC Computers 1976 - 1980: National Coal Board (ORE)



Contactless, Mobile, NFC .... is it all hype?

04 Jan 2011

The start of a new year seems like a good time to have a lively debate, so let me play devil’s advocate with an outrageous suggestion that the current frenzy of interest in what I’m going to label “contactless, mobile, NFC” payments represents a triumph of hype over reality. Let’s start with mobile NFC payments, the idea that we’ll soon be routine...



At last! A coherent account of the financial crisis.

01 May 2009

Andrew Haldane's paper "Rethinking the Financial Network" really is an excellent piece and the first convincing explanation of the current financial crisis that I've come across. Highly recommended. In a nutshell, Haldane's argument is simply that the complexity of the global financial industry has increased to such an extent that, like ...



Remote Chip Authentication success story

10 Jul 2008

The news that users of Barclays' PINSentry device have experienced zero fraud is a powerful endorsement of Remote Chip Authentication (RCA) and an important milestone in the adoption of this approach for secure online banking and payments. As someone who's worked on this solution for many years in the form of MasterCard's CAP (Chip Authentication P...