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Myles Milston

Myles Milston

CEO at Globacap
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Bio Myles is CEO of Globacap, an automated capital markets platform regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. He leads on the company's strategic direction and its tech, legal, and regulatory blueprint, which he continues to evolve. Myles is passionate about making capital markets simpler and more efficient. Prior to Globacap, Myles was CTO of an online sports gambling tech company, ColossusBets, which he helped grow from start-up to over 50 white-labelled partners in 30 countries in three years. He also has 17 years of experience in financial markets in institutions from Morgan Stanley to Macquarie Bank, across structured derivatives, quant research and trading, and consulting on market pricing for several major stock exchanges and clearing houses. Myles holds an MBA from London Business School.



Private markets closing the gap to public markets

18 Sep 2023

The decline in IPO activity has extended into 2023, while private markets continue to press ahead, increasing funding, deepening liquidity and improving technology. Myles Milston, co-founder and CEO of Globacap, explains how private markets are closing the gap to public markets, and how this presents an opportunity for stock exchanges. Public mark...

Blockchain Observations

Why crypto must comply or die

18 May 2018

Inadequate oversight can create industry crises — an effect we are starting to see in crypto. Over the last year, tokens have been at the centre of multiple global hacks and large-scale fraud - such as the theft of $400 million in Coincheck tokens, the Parity coding error that froze over 513,776 ETH, the PlexCoin ICO which saw the SEC freeze $15...