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Bio Passionate about technology and inclusion. Vice-chair of All Party Parliamentary Group on Fintech. House of Lords Select Committees on Digital Skills, Financial Inclusion, AI, Parliamentary Groups on AI, Blockchain, Assistive Technology, 4IR. Technology for public good. More about my parliamentary work, policy priorities and some excellent interviews with people from the world of fintech at my blog Career History Member of the House of Lords since 2013. Deputy Chair Channel 4. Chancellor BPP. Ex-solicitor. Ex-LOCOG. Ex-swimmer.

Long reads

The Westminster Series: Why the UK needs a trusted digital identity system

15 Jun 2021

My heart sank last week when I noticed the hashtag #NHSDataGrab trending on twitter. Public anxiety about the use of their medical – or indeed any personal data - is entirely understandable. As Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner said “It is clear that there remains considerable confusion regarding the scope and nature of the [data-shari...

The Westminster Series: Back cash and stop exclusion

02 Jun 2021

Cash is having a bit of a time of it, already in sharp decline, the Covid lockdown has further impacted its currency. ATM withdrawals are down 80% in London, and though significant, this decline is not, and must not be allowed to become a terminal inevitability. Cash retains a vital role in our communities, it remains essential for millions and, w...

The Westminster Series: Following UK Fintech Week, we are strong

28 Apr 2021

Last week’s UK Fintech week was one of the best yet. Without a hand shook, stand up lunch stuffed, or business card traded, Innovate Finance demonstrated just what can be achieved through modern means to bring our community together to such great effect. The Chancellor’s opening keynote set the tone, an exemplary example of value over volume. He ha...

The Westminster Series: Digital must become the day to day

20 Apr 2021

Last week Coinbase floated on the NASDAQ and this week, UK Fintech Week, started with the Chancellor’s announcement of a joint Bank of England and Treasury taskforce on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), so it seems sane to stop and consider whether we are at a bit of a moment. Are we accelerating towards that digitally enabled, underpinned ...