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Jon Rutter

Director, Product Management at Payment Processor
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Bio Identifying consumer need and how it can be met in the Financial Services industry to enable new solutions for our FS clients Career History about 15 years in FS, working on Affinity Credit Cards and with transaction processing.



Digital solutions in banking - it is about better not just cheaper.

03 Sep 2015

Investment in digital technology is a trend right across industry but in Financial Services it is seen as the solution to the challenge of doing business in the 21st century. Digital Teams in retail banks which were none existent 5 years ago now number into the hundreds as banks strive to deliver solutions connected to creaking infrastructure. The...



Is the HIPPO crushing innovation?

05 Aug 2015

There is a lot spoken about the need for all industries to be able to innovate in order to prosper. This is no different for the banking industry but are the incumbents doomed because they cannot innovate fast enough? Being incapable of adapting quick enough seems perplexing for an industry with large well-funded businesses replete with large stabl...