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Bio Director of Global Marketing & Strategy for Glory Global Solutions - leaders in cash handling solutions for banks, retailers & the cash industry at large



The cost of cash - for business, the environment and society.

16 Feb 2016

Nothing in life is free – certainly not money. You can argue that all forms of payment have a cost associated with them in one way or another but unlike many of the new payment propositions out there, you still know where you stand with cash. The ever-increasing array of payment technologies on offer can easily lead to confusion for both the consum...


ICCOS Asia and Newton’s 3rd Law of Thermodynamics

17 Nov 2015

Presenting recently at the ICCOS Asia conference in Malaysia, I was asked to talk about the changes that retail cash automation is having on other stakeholders in the cash cycle: the banks, the ATM deployers, the security industry and also the central banks. In some parts of the world retail cash automation is very much in its infancy or indeed no...



Optimising cash for retailers with smart safes

05 Nov 2015

Many retailers face the same challenges when it comes to managing cash. Expensive staff time is spent processing cash and correcting errors, only for the cash to be stored on-site before it can be deposited in a bank account, hindering the opportunity for it to be used elsewhere. Not only are these processes costly and inefficient – cash left on t...



In banking, as in rugby, there’s no room for human error

30 Oct 2015

Congratulations to New Zealand on their Rugby World Cup win at the weekend. The Rugby World Cup has provided numerous iconic images but the vision of South African referee Craig Joubert sprinting from the field at the conclusion of the controversial Scotland Australia match will live long in the memory. Slow motion footage shows that the referee w...