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Director, Business Development at Star Global
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Bio Star is a global team of product creators who deliver product strategy, design and engineering services. Our industry expertise is in FinTech, Automotive/Mobility, HealthTech and AdTech and I spend most of my time developing the FinTech practice. Career History An experienced manager and fintech entrepreneur, combining strategy and business development experience with hands-on management and operational roles in corporates and start-ups. I have been managing director of technology growth firms, led international sales teams, and successfully raised substantial funding as well as completed acquisitions and exits as an entrepreneur. Of Norwegian origin and based in London, I have worked and lived across the US and Europe for several years.



Incumbents and innovators: Embracing partnerships

14 Feb 2024

Cultural changes are challenging the long-standing loyalty that consumers once had to their bank. The transformation has been driven by the rapid development in technology, along with evolving attitudes toward customer experience, especially amongst younger people. This brings key opportunities for both the more innovative traditional banks and th...



Preparing for 2024: FinTech developments for payment innovators

12 Jan 2024

The new year brings interesting areas to understand and prepare for, especially if your business is positioned to take advantage of innovation in payments. By no means exhaustive, here are some developments in the FinTech sector I think will be worth watching in 2024. Payment rails development: The infrastructures behind different payment solutio...


Driving towards in-car payments

18 Dec 2023

One of the areas gaining considerable attention in the automotive industry is in-car payments. Many industry observers categorize potential applications into three main use cases, each offering a unique avenue for innovation: Functions-on-Demand: In-vehicle payments for additional software upgrades within post-vehicle delivery. Examples include c...

Banking and Lending Solutions

Evolution of lending: Adaptation using the BNPL model

08 Dec 2023

The rise of Buy Now, Pay Later services has brought forward a revolutionary approach to lending. So, how can the appealing features of BNPL be integrated into traditional lending? Considering BNPL is in effect akin to unsecured lending, and will serve the same purpose for many consumers, it should be a real eye-opener for how traditional lenders ca...