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Financial cloud services and wallet solutions at Holla-Tech
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Bio Data security, server management, blockchain systems and financial cloud solutions. Career History Have been working in blockchain cloud and wallet services in the IT space. Technologies such as asset digitization, storage and secure cloud access solutions.


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Australia's Unique SME Landscape: A Look at the Diverse Business Sector

16 May 2023

Australia's Thriving SME Sector Australia is more than just a beautiful country with sunny weather and famous landmarks. It is also a diverse and dynamic nation with a thriving business sector that deserves attention. One of the most remarkable features of Australia’s economy is its small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector, which is unlike an...

Capital Markets Technology

ETFs and diversification: How to build a well-rounded portfolio

07 Apr 2023

Investing in the stock market can offer excitement and potential financial gain, but it's essential to recognize that all investments carry inherent risks. There are a few certainties regarding managing your money and navigating the stock market. That said, reliable investment columns will always emphasize the importance of understanding and mana


A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Crypto Coin Prices

18 Jan 2023

How Supply and Demand Determine Value in the Crypto and Token Market Have you ever wondered why a Bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars, while a single DOGE coin is worth just a few cents? The concept of crypto coin price discovery can be a bit tricky to understand, but it's actually quite simple. The key idea behind crypto coin prices is the basi

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Spotting Undervalued Assets: How To Make A Value Investing Strategy Work In Fantasy Finance

23 Sep 2021

Value investing is one of the most popular trading strategies that teaches fundamental skills that will develop your understanding of the market. This article will cover popular trading investment strategies around fantasy finance. Source Traditional investing can provide many tried and tested strategies that, with a little modification, can be a...