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Senior Fraud Product Manager at VocaLink
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What's the link between the price of electronics and fraud?

11 Nov 2013

We all know that fraud has been rising pretty steadily in some form or another over the past decade despite efforts to stem it. We have been able to control areas in which fraud was prevalent by implementing technologies and processes to make it much more difficult for fraudsters to accomplish their crime, but in general, that tends to simply shif...


Lifecycle of a fraud

28 Oct 2013

Card fraud is a massive problem around the world, costing banks and consumers time and money. Even when we seem to be making headway the criminals find another way in, which is why we see stats such as those from the UK earlier this year, which showed that fraud losses on UK issued cards climbed 14 per cent last year to hit £388 million, the first...


Bayesian v Neural Networks

22 Oct 2013

Payment fraud evolves constantly, changing and adapting to the systems, networks and infrastructure. Criminals are always on the lookout for a weak link in the payment cycle to exploit, altering their behaviour to extract maximum value from their fraud activities. Responding to this ever-changing landscape is the responsibility of everyone involved...



What's really behind the Courier Scam?

19 Aug 2013

The recent article talking about the “Courier Scam” published in The Guardian is an interesting read for those of us in the industry, and an important one for both consumers and banks to pay attention to. While the police’s explanation of the scam seems plausible, I actually think the scam may have been even more sophisticated. The police figured t...

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