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Bio CEO at Moroku Career History Innovator, Entrepreneur and IT business leader with a proven track record of defining the future and building growth businesses to harness it. I have been building software and software businesses for 25 years with a focus on banking tech for the last 15 years. Cycling across Australia in 2010



The Financial Social Enterprise

22 Jul 2015

A couple of months ago a friend of mine, said he was starting a business targeted at helping Social Enterprises. Pause Good – a new term. Curiosity lights up – “What’s a Social Enterprise Ben?” “It’s a business that doesn’t have shareholders and exists to support a more community or collective based set of values.” What? Like a charity or Not for


Pay Day Lending Highlights Financial Literacy Challenge

01 Apr 2015

In Australia, ASIC and the ABC are on the hunt for unscrupulous Pay Day lenders. Pay Day lending is the provision of small, short terms loans to people that require financial cover to pay day. Annual Percentage Rates (APR) can exceed 1000% as advertised by “£230 borrowed for 28 days. Annual interest rate of 292.2% (fixed). Total amou...


What is Customer Centricity in Banking

18 Oct 2014

Dreamforce 2014 has finished. It is Salesforce’s event to bring partners, customers and staff together for a week of entertainment, motivation, networking and learning. It’s a massive event with a headline number of 145,000 people attending. With around half that number as full conference delegates the event is estimated to generate over $100m i


A Game Filter reveals behaviour

15 Sep 2014

It was approaching 1pm on Friday and I was due in the city for some afternoon meetings. Having finished off a couple of emails, I checked my watch and had good time to catch the ferry across the harbour. I grabbed my bag and headed off on a 10 minute walk to the wharf. 3 minutes out the door I was about to cross a side street when a car came hurtl...