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Bio Established business development leader with overall 18 years experience with over 10 years in the Banking and financial sector managing business development, strategy and relationships Career History Key strengths in advising and providing the right solutions and operating models for customer problems by breaking down complex problems into simple solvable parts


Blockchain Observations

Rebirth of the Digital Twin: with Blockchain

14 Sep 2018

I am a huge Apple fan and this year’s launch of Watch Series 4 (I am sold, goodbye Fitbit!) and its huge focus on health (with fall sensor and ECG on your wrist!) made me think how these innovations are now creating a digital twin of all of us. Digital twin is not a new concept, it has been there for many years and more recently has seen more adopt...

Innovation in Financial Services

Towards an endogenous regulation - with AI and Blockchain

05 Jul 2018

When I concluded my final project report for the Warwick Business School Executive MBA last year, one of the summary points was that financial services regulators would soon need to start looking at ‘technology as law’ and would need to write laws and policies to govern this change. Regulations would become endogenous rather than reactive as the...

Innovation in Financial Services

Smart City Initiatives, Blockchain and Banks

31 May 2018

“What is common between a toothbrush and a mobile phone?” was the question asked at one of our offsite to test our team’s creativity. When I was asked recently how I see banks playing a pivotal role in blockchain based smart city initiatives, I for a moment felt like the toothbrush / mobile phone question. The winning answer to that question was c...

Innovation in Financial Services

Un-’block’ your business 1.0: Enterprise Blockchain Interoperability: Are we there yet ?

26 Apr 2018

I have had a busy and interesting first quarter of the year with many of my days filled with evaluating a new start-up / technology vendor who has come up with a brand new blockchain or DLT platform and whether backing them makes sense. I have also been spending equal amount of time working with or following some of the larger consortia formed in ...

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