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Bio Senior technologist and Project Management passionate, tries to apply in all the cases the innovation, the technology, the excellence and the common sense to ensure that the Information Technology helps to the organizations and to the people. Career History More than 30 years of experience in IT. Specialist in Project Management, Metrics, Estimation Processes, Functional Size, Function Points, Productivity metrics and benchmarking, Quality, technology strategies, Db2, databases and big systems. CFPS accredited, and actually IFPUG chair.


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How many software were produced by your IT company or your IT department the last year?

26 Feb 2019

To transform data into information and to use this information to manage and improve companies, projects, processes or products is a challenging, and at the same time, fascinating work. We can say that what gets measured gets managed and, as general rule, what gets managed gets better. Well known are quotes such as “If you can’t measure it, you c

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Agile and Functional Size: The Perfect Complement to Provide Strategic Value

19 Dec 2018

The software industry is associated with the most innovative techniques and technologies, but at the end it is an artisan art activity. Bill Gates once said, “Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering." Two software solutions with the same functionalities can externally be similar, but internally can be very different;

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IT Metrics excellence: avoiding the world turning upside-down

08 May 2018

Regardless of how a software development project was contracted (fixed price, time and materials, etc.) or how it was managed from a methodology point of view (Agile, Waterfall, Prince2, …), by the end, a software product will be created. This product, irrespective of contract or methods, will have a specific cost, a size, different quality indic