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Bio I am a Forensic Computing Expert and Barrister. Today I advise on the security of computer networks, disclosure in litigation and on the problems of fraud in financial systems. My website at is the best way to contact me and find out more about me. Career History I was in private practice at the intellectual property Bar for over twenty years before I moved into working directly for various businesses. I have a couple of patent applications in my name.



Why HP might have underpaid for Autonomy

31 Jan 2013

In October 2011 amid a blaze of publicity H.P., a company which mainly produces hardware and devices like inkjet and laser printers, announced it had agreed to pay $11.1 bn for Autonomy, a UK company that produced sophisticated software. Dr Mike Lynch the CEO of Autonomy, said the deal had opened a “fascinating new chapter” for his company as part...



A likely change in the law affecting online banking disputes

16 Aug 2010

The decision of the Court of Appeal in Tchenguiz & Ors v Imerman [2010] EWCA Civ 908 (29 July 2010) (The 'Man from Del Monte' divorce case) strongly suggests that injunctions for the preservation of evidence [Mareva (freezing) orders] and the obtaining of evidence [Anton Piller (search) orders] are to be granted by the court when asked for


An open letter to Martin Wolf at the FT

19 Jul 2009

Dear Mr Wolf, In your piece "Adapting to Britain’s mediocre prospects -Published: July 16 2009 20:16" you say "...It must start by making finance safer. The simple and painful truth is that another such financial shock might even bankrupt the British state. No industry can be allowed to impose such costs – comparable, in fiscal ter...


Digital Disclosure in the UK from this autumn

24 Jun 2009

This autumn the world of forensic science and computing imaging is going to impinge upon the reality of anyone who may need to litigate. A new Practice Direction and a new E-Disclosure Questionnaire will mean that lawyers and their clients are going to have to either perform a detailed analysis of the digital evidence issues in every case or del

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