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Bio Alex Mifsud is currently Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of, an open cloud-based platform enabling payment flows to be created, deployed and consumed by businesses that are increasingly digitizing their supply chains, back-offices as well as user experience. Career History Prior to Weavr, Alex founded and ran Ixaris, a leading innovator in global B2B payments, serving multinationals like Amadeus, Sabre, Axa and Airplus. Alex holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh.



Support non-acquired suppliers to shift the needle on card payments

09 Dec 2016

Commercial card payments have failed to take off, despite significant potential benefits for suppliers, buyers, and card providers. Today, only some 2% of global business spend is captured on card. Next generation virtual payments platforms will transform commercial card payments if they enable three winning strategies to counter today’s barriers t...


Are interchange economics the largest barrier to commercial card usage?

18 Nov 2016

The benefits of commercial card payments seem clear enough. Buyers can streamline their Procure to Pay process, drive working capital benefits and access rich transactional data. Suppliers can improve their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and enhance customer relationships. Banks can grow transaction revenues while keeping their corporate clients hap...


The battle of three for banking supremacy

02 Feb 2016

Everyone knows that just a few years ago banks owned the financial sector. The only way to pay, transfer and save money was via a traditional bank. The reign of the banks was maintained principally due to the fact the industry was highly regulated and therefore an exclusive club of licence holders. As such, it was seemingly immune to the huge ch...


Payment predictions for 2016

22 Jan 2016

The payments industry is currently going through a period of rapid transition, driven by the pace of innovation, new forms of competition and weightier regulation. 1. Interchange fees will shake up the European card market One of the most immediate changes is the European Union regulation on interchange fees. Interchange is paid by merchants t...


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