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Senior Vice President, Head, Hub Solutions at Intellect Design Arena
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Corporate Account Takeover Protection - Do we know our customers well?

13 Aug 2015

Should banks go alone in the fight against customer financial depredation? The answer lies in the multi dimensional collaboration that banks are ready to establish with their customers and with the banking industry at large on a per customer basis. Actionable awareness of the customer, the customer's business and the ecosystem as a whole determine...


Putting the best 'card' forward - Payment Hub for Mobile Wallets??

20 Jul 2015

In the electronic payments world, the complex maze of payment product processors in banks, each dedicated to a payment type, led to the evolution of an envelope layer that would sit behind all payment origination channels and ahead of the core payments platform. This intermediate sliver application was responsible for efficient orchestration of pa...



Better citizenry on Payments Highway - In Pursuit of Network Quality

07 Jul 2015

Denied payments - the duality of Risk and Expense For years banks have borne the brunt of returned payments. It is easy to agree that the happy path flow of a payment that travels with no manual intervention and gets successfully posted to the receiver’s account is the most beneficial use of the payment infrastructure. Denied payments i.e returns ...


Regulatory Compliance - Upping the game

29 Jun 2015

The glaringly average record on regulatory compliance front is beginning to be bugbear for banks. While the big banks usually are well equipped to take the onslaught of the ever changing regulatory regimes, it is the mid and small tier banks that get caught unawares and unprepared. Regulatory conformity is more often seen to be the premise of the ...

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