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EPI - 10 Critical Success Factors and Key Enablers

21 Apr 2021

EPI – 10 Critical Success Factors and Key Enablers Ever since Europe lost EuroPay in the late 1990s, payments stakeholders have been dismayed at the steady decline in their domestic debit card schemes and the gradual displacement of usage (now 70%) in markets where they remain. Several replacement plans have failed, either through lack of suppor...


Covid Contactless - Cost Benefits Bonus for Merchants

21 Apr 2021

Much has been written about the impacts of COVID19 on cash displacement and consumers rapid migration to contactless card payments. Some commentators have raised the fear of unbanked cash disenfranchisement and cash deserts as contactless sweeps the EU. Merchant Associations have similarly pushed back claiming acquirers are benefiting from incre...


Why Regulatory Imposed Acquiring Price Comparison Tables Will Not Work In The UK

16 Nov 2020

By Peter Jones, Chairman 16 November 2020 Regulatory investigations often try to improve the degree of competition within a market (see recent UK Payment Systems Regulator Interim review of UK Acquiring). A typical recommendation is to mandate suppliers to increase price transparency by publishing their prices, enabling consumers and small busine...