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Bio A seasoned executive with 19 years proven success, Arnab Sengupta has been driving business growth in the Retail Banking, Payments Systems and Technology sector through entrepreneurial leadership, business innovation and execution. Arnab has been engaged in providing strategic consulting to blue Career History - Euronet India - Sr General Manager, Projects - FSS Technologies Australia - Director and Head of Business - Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ Bank) - Payments Consultant - National Australia Bank - Project Management - GE Money Australia and New Zealand - Payments Consultant



Mobile Payments: The Merchants Dilemma

27 Dec 2016

Where we are today Things have not really caught up since the launch of Apple Pay and the subsequent introduction of Samsung Pay in the market. Is it because of the fact the consumers have gone past the initial “wow” factor of digital payments and returned to their usual behaviour of pulling out their bank credit card? Or is it that that the retai...



Will Apple Pay threaten PayPal's Business?

23 Oct 2014

Introduction: Apple has recently launched its iPhone 6 with Apple Pay with much enthusiasm and fan fare. Almost every media house on the planet has covered the launch extensively and some of the top industry analysts have hailed the launch as equivalent to the Ford Model-T revolution in Payments. The merchants are largely positive about embracing ...



Branchless Banking: Unavoidable reality or myth?

18 Oct 2014

Introduction: Branchless Banking has been the buzzword for quite some time and many analysts are predicting the closure of a significant number of the branches over the next 5 to 15 years. For example in United States alone, there has been a 50% reduction of average in-branch transactions per month from 11,400 in 2006 to 8,500 in 2010, the branch ...


Digital Age: Influence on hapless Customers

02 Oct 2014

Introduction In the present world of disruptions, the rapid progress of the consumer technology is changing the human behavior more than ever before. Many pundits tend to stretch their imagination and predict the future digital world in the next 5 years which may perhaps take 15-20 years to get to that stage. So I need to be careful not to go over...