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Tachat Igityan

Founder and CFO at destream
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Bio I am the founder and CFO of destream, a financial platform for content creators. I have over 8 years of experience in the fintech industry and digital marketing. Recognizing a gap in financial services tailored specifically for content creators, I founded destream to help them monetize their work and manage their funds. Career History Throughout my career, I have been involved in financial innovation, investment, and startup development. I have worked as a business startup manager and innovation expert with banks and web solution development companies in the fintech and digital marketing industries.



Beyond Borders, Beyond Fraud: Securing the Future of Finance

14 Jun 2024

The contemporary banking system operates in a dynamic and interconnected global landscape. While this presents vast opportunities, it also introduces novel challenges to financial security. According to a report by Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services, generative AI could drive fraud losses in the United States to an estimated $40 billion by 2...