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Product Manager at Worldpay
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Bio Senior Product Manager at Worldpay Career History Ex McKinsey with several years of experience in strategy, product roles. Built several products over the years ranging from Automotive SaaS to financial services. Responsible for a revenue uptake of USD 70M across multiple product lines.



Embedded finance: What does it mean for Europe?

11 Jun 2024

Embedded Finance is transforming the EU's financial landscape, driven by technology and regulatory frameworks unique to the region. This transformation is not uniform; it varies significantly across member states, influenced by Electronic Money Institution licenses, interchange caps, and a spectrum of compliance requirements. The EU's EF sector th...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Leveraging AI for Fraud Detection in Fintech: Technical Innovations and Implementation Strategies

11 Jun 2024

The use of AI in banking fraud detection is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, the statistics surrounding online fraud are alarming. Cybercrime imposes a significant cost on the global economy and reaches $600 billion annually, equivalent to 0.8% of the worldwide GDP. Besides, fraud attempts surged by 149% in the first quarter of 2021 compa...


A Fintech PM's note on Payments Tokenization 101

10 Apr 2024

The changes in the e-commerce and digital transactions sphere have been evident for quite some time now, as we dwell in a period with such developments occurring at an accelerating pace. Given this context, the need for safeguarding critical financial data has never been greater. With more and more individuals trusting their financial information ...