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Are fintechs destined to become banks?

04 Apr 2024

Fintechs have been challenging traditional banks for a few decades now. Since the inception of the sector, fintech service providers were aiming to solve the inefficiencies present in legacy models: provide better coverage, accelerate transactions, reduce transaction costs. The umbrella term covers a diverse lot of companies from peer-to-peer paym...


What trends and challenges will fintechs face in 2024?

06 Mar 2024

One of the driving forces behind two decades of fintech’s success has been their ability to mitigate inefficiencies in customers’ relationships with traditional financial institutions: provide access to financial services to those who were previously unbanked, simplify transactions that used to be arduous, and decrease transactions costs. The pand...

CBDCs in fintech services: What are the risks and opportunities?

15 Feb 2024

Many central banks around the world are now pursuing projects of central bank digital currencies (CBDC), digital tokens backed and issued by monetary regulators. According to the latest evaluation by the economists at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), four monetary authorities – those of Nigeria, the Bahamas, the Eastern Caribbean, and ...