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Director of CX Solutions Engineering at Odigo
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Bio Agam Kohli is the Director of CX Solutions Engineering at Odigo, a global leader in Contact Centre as a Service, CCaaS, solutions. Odigo helps over 250 of the world's leading brands in finance, insurance, logistics and retail deliver memorable customer experiences, CX. Career History Agam specialises in leadership, Solutions Architecture, and Consultancy, possessing in-depth expertise in SaaS, PaaS, Cloud, and on-premise contact centre products, as well as VoIP, SIP, Unified IP, CRM applications, web technologies, and infrastructure design. Renowned as a thought leader in technology and finance, Agam is fervently committed to enhancing customer service and developing effective digital transformation roadmaps.



Unravelling the Data Dilemma: Balancing Cybersecurity and Customer Experience in Financial Services

17 Nov 2023

In an age where data reigns supreme, the financial services industry finds itself at the heart of a digital transformation. Meaning that the sheer volume of data coursing through each organisation, even just their contact centre, is often hard to grasp. In more recent months, conversations around ChatGPT and generative AI have brought the potenti...