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Senior Consultant at Capco
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Bio James Hiester is a blockchain expert and web application developer with over eight years of experience building web and cloud-based solutions. He has worked with large financial institutions and energy companies to deliver high performance applications that combine blockchain and cloud technology. James also helps lead the digital assets practice at Capco, spearheading the development of prototypes focused on different use cases including tokenization, digital identity, and ESG.



How FTX strengthens the case for traditional FIs to provide crypto custody for retail customers

16 Mar 2023

As the fallout from the FTX collapse continues, the crypto industry is reckoning with a major lack of trust and transparency. It is telling that the industry has become so used to major hacks and collapses that the downfall of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, while surprising to many, doesn’t seem out of character to indus...