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Co Founder and CEO at Optherium Labs
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Bio Beck is the CEO and Founder of Optherium Labs, a global fintech company developing blockchain solutions to reform defective functions within financial and security infrastructure. He is driven by his belief that people deserve sounder, more secure financial services in our tech-driven world and is committed to eradicating current problems detrimental to end-user experience through the creation of synergized, decentralized products. Career History Earlier in his career, Beck was responsible for engineering some of the most critical and innovative technological infrastructure at premier financial institutions, including Bear Stearns, Republic National Bank, HSBC Bank and Merrill Lynch, where he revolutionized the way market participants could operate through advanced software development.



What Banks and Neobanks Can Learn from Big Tech Companies

11 Oct 2022

As neobanks face more competition each year, some positive aspects of it emerge. Big Tech companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google have made substantial progress in offering digital financial services. For example, Alibaba gave out loans to small businesses, which amounted to more than $63 billion USD in 2017. To serve as a comparison, this sum is...


How NeoBanks Overcome Lack Of Human Contact

29 Sep 2022

Regardless of whether or not you have already realized it, most successful services nowadays learn and make recommendations to their customer base. A great example is the Netflix algorithm, one of the pillars of success for the company. Many companies like Netflix have transitioned from having onsite personnel to using AI and machine learning. But ...


Why Some Neobanks Are Changing Their Business Models

19 Sep 2022

In the past few years, more and more digital and tech-savvy customers have joined the market as potential clients for banks. With a customer-centric approach, neobanks have appealed to exactly this segment of users that don’t necessarily want to rely on physical branches and prefer to have it all on their mobile devices. As long as open-minded reg...

Digital Banking

Central Banks Issuing Digital Banking Licenses In Fear of Fintech’s Quick Rise

26 Aug 2022

Analyzing Asia’s current Fintech situation reveals how the leading digital banks managed to raise over $6.7 billion in capital in aggregate funding. As the markets became more open to the lack of regulators, it was easy for neobanks and digital banks to prosper. In the past decade, there were numerous examples of successful neobanks such as Revolu...