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The Universal Digital Payments Network for seamless connectivity

20 Feb 2023

The recent World Economic Forum in Davos included the launch of the Universal Digital Payments Network (UDPN), a messaging backbone underpinned by DLT, focused on providing interoperability between the fast-growing number of different regulated stablecoins and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and seamless connectivity between any business ...


Green coding: A sustainability practice all software engineers should adhere to

04 Jul 2022

The amount of energy required to power a datacentre is no secret. In fact, it’s widely acknowledged that the total energy consumption for the 7.2 million datacentres worldwide amounts to around 1% of global electricity demand. As a result, datacentre providers have invested considerable amounts of money and time into making their sites as efficient...


Why ICT operations must be at the forefront of climate change improvement

21 Feb 2022

Compared to fast fashion, fishing with nets, or drilling for oil, the use of ICT and its relationship to carbon emissions is not a well-trodden narrative. However, ICT is expected to soak up 21% of electrical consumption by 2030, with the sector demanding between 5-9% of electrical use worldwide, equating to 3.5% of emissions globally. With intern...