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Gary Paulin

Gary Paulin

Global Head of Integrated Trading Solutions at Northern Trust Capital Markets
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Bio Gary is the Global Head of Integrated Trading Solutions, ITS, which sits within Northern Trust's Institutional Brokerage business. His primary focus is on managing ITS new business opportunities and prospective clients through to onboarding. Gary joined Northern Trust in May 2016 with the acquisition of Aviate Global where he was a co-founder and responsible for its product offering. Career History Gary has Law Degree from Victoria University and a degree in Social and Political Science from Cambridge University. Prior to founding Aviate Global in 2007, Gary worked at Merrill Lynch in London in European Sales.


Trends in Financial Services

From niche to norm: How Covid-19 has accelerated outsourced trading

08 Apr 2021

COVID-19 has prompted investment managers of all sizes to undertake a comprehensive review of their operating models. Market volatility, extreme margin pressure, technological complexity and business resiliency had all been at the forefront of their thinking way ahead of the pandemic, but the virus outbreak caused them to accelerate this process. ...