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Bio I am the founder of a fintech platform that connects investors and startups using a smart algorithm. I'd like to blog about the fintech landscape, and common problems that I'm witnessing on a regular basis, to provide advice on how to improve a situation such as, how fintechs can keep investors happy, what challenger banks can do to improve their experience post-covid, how investors make decisions and what fintechs need to do to gain investment. Career History I founded my first company at university that sold in a multi-million pound deal, and I began angel investing. I noticed a gap in the market where investors and founders weren't connecting easily, there were big barriers between the two - especially in the fintech space, so we developed a fintech solution to connect the two forces.



Why the UK Fintech Scene is Booming

23 Aug 2021

Despite the pandemic, the UK remains the top-ranking investment destination in Europe. But growth in the sector also means increased competition. So how do early-stage fintech's go about securing the funding that is so crucial to their growth? The Importance of Data Investors rely heavily on data in their decision-making process, which provides op...