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5 Fintech / Insurtech predictions from a specialised VC

05 Jan 2023

1. Cyber insurance — 2023 the coming of age of the European market While cyberattacks are certainly nothing new (remember for example the WannaCry & NotPetya ransomware attacks in 2017?), cyber insurance products have largely remained an oddity for SMEs (<1% equipment rate in France) & midmarket companies (<10% equipment rate in Fra...


2022 Fintech and Insurtech predictions from a European VC

13 Jan 2022

1. Insurtech capturing new product lines Insurtech startups are on the rise and will keep booming in 2022, with emerging risks such as cyber risks, pandemics, and climate-related risks seeking proper coverage. But also a strong trend towards a “more open” insurance industry, as it was for open banking a few years ago. Cyber insurance Our discuss...

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6 Fintech & Insurtech Predictions from a Pan-European VC

11 Feb 2021

It is a recurring appointment for us at BlackFin Tech to sit down, at the end of every year, to discuss and reflect on new trends shaping the future of financial services. Here is what our team sees storming in 2021: 1. New frontiers for payments A new innovation breeze will hit the payment industry. Two key themes will shape the discussion for the...