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Bio Joined Quorsus in March 2020 with focus on delivering expertise, consultation services and providing solutions for clients across regulatory and transaction reporting. Career History Over 20 years' experience in financial services in tier 1 banks, asset management houses and market infrastructure vendor.



From the C to the B - Putting the B back in Brexit

31 Jul 2020

Do you remember when Brexit dominated almost every element of the daily discourse? Every headline, every TV news story, every social media link involved the B-word. Half of all conversations touched upon or outright focussed on the latest B-news. You could barely look a computer, a billboard or dare I say a bus without seeing B-stuff. It was almo


The Regulatory Reporting Pendulum Swings Back to North America

22 Jul 2020

As we slowly emerge from our socially distanced bubbles and contemplate the view beyond our own back garden towards the wider world again, we thought to cast our eyes stateside. More specifically, towards the North American regulatory reporting landscape. So why is that piquing our interest in particular? Well, pre-lockdown, quite a lot happened to...