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Bio Paige is a fintech reporter, specialising in payments and regulation. Career History Paige gained experience within fintech and start-ups before relocating to London to pursue journalism. Paige graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney, with a Bachelor of Laws, a Bachelor Communications in Journalism, and a Diploma of Languages (French).

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Understanding the UK High Court’s AI patentability ‘Holy Grail’ ruling

23 Nov 2023

The English High Court today handed down a decision which promises to shape the patentability of key aspects of AI technology. Overruling an earlier decision of the UK Patent Office (UKIPO), the High Court ruled that Emotional Perception AI Limited (EPAI), a subsidiary of AI Venture Studio Time Machine Capital Squared (TMC2), could patent a novel t...

Understanding the EU’s DORA framework

14 Nov 2023

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) was designed to address the potential systemic and concentration risks faced by the financial services sector, due largely to its close reliance on third party providers (TPPs). DORA requires entities to follow and implement protection, detection, containment, recovery, and repair focused rules to prev...


What is tokenised gold?

07 Nov 2023

Despite the crypto winter and general uncertainty around digital assets, we’re continuing to see the emergence of real-world asset tokenisation as defi continues its creep into financial services. Artwork, intellectual property, real estate, corporate securities, luxury cars, commodities, and gold, are some examples of this tokenisation. Last week...

How many times has the ISO 20022 deadline been changed or delayed?

26 Oct 2023

Following recent news that the European Payments Council (EPC) postponed the SEPA payment scheme's ISO 20022 migration by four months, it began to feel a little like groundhog day in the Finextra offices. In response, we decided to pull together all of the times since 2020 that we’ve seen delays to ISO 20022 migrations for payment schemes across t...