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Iain McDougall

UK & Ireland Country Manager at Stripe
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Bio I lead UK & Ireland operations for Stripe. Stripe's software tools allow businesses to securely accept payments, expand anywhere in the world, and create new kinds of revenue streams. Career History I was previously Head of Sales for the UK& Ireland at Google Cloud and hold 18 years experience in enterprise technology with Google, IBM and Cisco.



Strong Customer Authentication - a Litmus Test for Europe

13 Sep 2019

For most of the past century, globalisation has been driven by large businesses. The very term multinational conjures the image of a giant corporation whose far flung units touch every corner of the world. The internet clearly has changed this equation significantly. Borderless and unparalleled in scale, it allows virtually any business, no matter...



Study finds less than half of businesses ready for SCA, with EUR 57bn risk to European economy

04 Jul 2019

As of September 14th, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will come into force across the EU and the urgency to prepare for this cannot be overstated. Online businesses will be required to evolve their checkout systems to include an additional layer of authentication for transactions above €30 in value. Similar in scale to GDPR - SCA is the singl...


Thought GDPR was complex? Get ready for SCA!

16 May 2019

Europe is bracing itself for a big shake-up in how we pay for things online, which will have significant consequences for businesses across the region. Similar to how GDPR hugely impacted how millions of organizations handle personal data when it was enforced last year, Strong Customer Authentication (or SCA) will have profound implications for ho...