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Senior Sales Executive at Advapay OÜ
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Bio Experienced Senior Sales Executive with a history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Financial Technology, Business Relationship Management, Payment Systems and Banking. Career History Advapay, Payally, Danske Bank



EU Fintech market overview: EMI and PI licenses obtained between Jan-May 2020, compared to 2019

22 May 2020

During the past months, we have witnessed the slowdown of the economy. Many industries are being impacted, including financial services. Covid-19 has destabilized private capital markets, and investments in start-ups and new projects have substantially decreased. In Q1 2020 VC-backed fintech activity dropped to $6.1B across 404 deals, which result...


How the post-Covid-19 reality will change banks and fintech

13 May 2020

Talks about the “new reality” and “the world will never be the same” flooded the Internet, and the society is pretty fed up with those words and phrases. Nevertheless, changes are already taking place, and it would be foolish to ignore the obvious - because now it is imperative to understand which way the wind is blowing to be able to adapt to cir...


Bank as a service - the future of banks and fintech startups?

07 May 2020

How do we see the future of fintechs and banks? Will these financial players end up being competitors or partners? We at Advapay are working daily with Fintechs to provide core banking platform and understand how important for them to have easy-to-connect and fast-to-market services. It is no secret that during the past years, the stability of bank...


Fintech in Europe

12 Aug 2019

According to experts, the most innovative country markets in the UK, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands are currently the main drivers for the development of the European fintech. Most European fintech companies operate in the payment sector. Market leaders are such companies as Revolut, Transferwise, N26, Monzo, Funding Circ...