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Natural Language Processing In Capital Markets

07 Sep 2020

What is NLP? Simply put NLP is a way to allow computer to read and interpret data that is very likely unstructured. This short paper explores how NLP is used in Capital Markets. The growth of electronic trading across all asset class has led to tools such as NLP becoming increasing popular in decision making in trading. Electronic trading ac


Data Quality in Machine Learning.

07 Sep 2020

We regularly see and hear phrases like “data is the life blood of an organisation” or “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data”. There is no denying that data is an incredibly valuable resource. But a theme that is overlooked in many articles or only mentioned in passing is the importance of data quality. Technology b



Future-gazing 2020: technology continues to drive financial markets

06 Jan 2020

I have now spent a good few years working with financial services firms and can confidently say that the perpetual change is the only constant in global capital markets – that, and the fact that it’s difficult to get bored! Looking ahead, after a thrilling 2019, 2020 promises to be another interesting year for capital markets participants. Here is...


Five financial markets trends in 2019

21 Jan 2019

Looking forward to the year ahead to try and predict some of the most significant trends that will steer the financial markets forward in 2019 has become a tradition amongst financial technologists. As we kick off 2019, here is my contribution to the debate – five trends to watch out for this year. 1) Cloud to become ubiquitous. 2018 marked an e...