Objectway agrees distribution deal with KBC subsidiary everyoneInvested

Source: everyoneINVESTED

everyoneINVESTED and Objectway – a leading international player in Digital Wealth & Asset Management software – have entered into a partnership agreement that will enable them to leverage their ambition of providing professional asset managers and financial institutions with access to everyoneINVESTED's innovative digital investment technology.

The first solution that Objectway will offer the international market is built around everyoneINVESTED's 'Profiler', a fast and user-friendly app for creating digital investor profiles. Thanks to this partnership, other everyoneINVESTED products and developments will in due course also be brought onto the international market - beyond KBC's core markets - by Objectway.

What is everyoneINVESTED?
Since the end of March, KBC Asset Management has been channelling its expertise in digital investment applications into a new, separate company called everyoneINVESTED. KBC Asset Management has built up a great deal of knowledge and experience in recent years on enriching the investment process by adding insights from behavioural economics. This has resulted in innovations in the area of investor profiling, positioning of investment products and the composition of personalised investment portfolios. everyoneINVESTED makes that digital investment know-how and the applications directly available to professional asset managers, brokers and large investment product providers located beyond the KBC group's home markets. Entering a partnership with Objectway is fully in line with this objective.

everyoneINVESTED develops software and applications that contribute to the digitalisation of investment processes. This enables clients of everyoneINVESTED to cater for their investors in a more targeted and efficient way and to facilitate the step to digital investing. In addition, everyoneINVESTED's offering also focuses on scalable, digital support for the advisory function.
Some examples of this are:

- The Profiler: a digital and scientifically based app for investor profiling that is now being made available on the international market thanks to the partnership with Objectway;
- The Page: an interactive web app that supports investment advisers in discussions with their clients about portfolio construction and potential investment results;
- The Score: an accessible and effective app that provides an overview of how individual investment portfolios are aligned with an overarching investment strategy. The app helps ensure that policy is consistent and/or advice is tailored to individual needs.

Besides these solutions, which KBC also uses itself, everyoneINVESTED develops specific apps at the request of professional counterparties.

Luc Popelier, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KBC Asset Management, is enthusiastic about the partnership: 'Innovation is one of the driving forces of our group. In all entities, employees take initiatives to launch, challenge and develop innovative ideas into powerful tools that support our customers and KBC, enabling them to take a step further into the digital world. They are encouraged in this by our corporate values, which give them enough scope to be innovative. This is illustrated in no better way than by everyoneINVESTED. What's more, the experience and expertise they bring together benefits not just KBC and its stakeholders, but also the investor community as a whole, thanks to the partnership with Objectway.'

Jurgen Vandenbroucke, Managing Director of everyoneINVESTED, adds: 'Investing is still the least digitalised financial service and that's something that everyoneINVESTED wants to change. We don't see digitalisation as an end in itself, but rather a means to make investing more accessible. By combining technology with our know-how of investor behaviour, we can improve the way we approach, serve and inform the user, so that the process becomes much more than just automation. The partnership with Objectway enables us to leverage our ambition of getting everyone invested.'

Kurt Vanhee, Managing Director of Objectway (Continental Europe & North America), comments: 'We are delighted and proud to support our long-standing client, KBC Asset Management, and to work together with their wealth tech spin-off, everyoneINVESTED, in providing financial institutions with access to innovative digital investment technology through our ready-made, quick-to-deploy and easy-to-adapt solutions, and so enable them to embark on a high-quality digital transformation today.'

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