Begian banking consultancy Projective buys shares back from Diebold Nixdorf

Source: Projective

After a few years of working together, the financial services firm Projective has bought out the German-American Diebold Nixdorf.

In this way, the company reverts entirely back to Belgian hands after three years. Projective founder and CEO Stefan Dierckx looks back on a fruitful co-operation. Thanks to Diebold Nixdorf, the banking consultant could strengthen its position in Europe and is now ready for further growth. Projective is therefore focusing on further expansion of its flexible ecosystem, consisting of fintech niche players who can respond efficiently to the demand of a rapidly changing financial sector.

Solid European roots
Founded in 2006, Projective has from the outset specialised in project management for financial institutions in Western Europe. In March 2016, the international payment market player Diebold Nixdorf acquired a 51% stake in the firm. Projective retained its independence and own management structure during this period. Furthermore, Projective has been able to implement its ambitious international plans with the support of Diebold Nixdorfr. Stefan Dierckx, co-founder and CEO of Projective: “We are looking back on a particularly fruitful period. This partnership has resulted in an enormous impetus for our European growth, which has gone up by 50% since 2016.

This growth is reflected particularly in expansion of the existing offices and the opening of brand-new offices at other locations. “Our offices in the United Kingdom and Amsterdam have registered strong growth, and with the opening of two new offices in Frankfurt and Paris, we firmly put Projective on the European fintech ecosystem map.”

Growth with an agile and niche ecosystem
Dierckx is looking ahead full of confidence: “The position of Projective in the European fintech landscape is stronger than ever, with an extensive and relevant network within the financial sector, It is the ideal moment to aim at further growth. We want to achieve growth through the persistent expansion of a flexible ecosystem with niche players, who can anticipate and respond efficiently to the rapidly changing market.” Partners such as The Glue, B-Hive, Smartfin and are also part of this niche ecosystem in which entrepreneur Jurgen Ingels has invested. He also collaborated in the buy-out.

Stefan Dierckx: “In this current climate of innovation and agile transformation, our faith in the ecosystem story has only grown stronger. Every cog in our system can adjust quickly to provide the right niche solutions. At the same time, the network gives its partners access to a very wide range of expertise, executive power and capital, also beyond borders.”

Projective plans to pursue its growth further. “We are ready for the future and dare aim at doubling our current team in the next 3 years.”

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