ACAPM releases financial benchmarks forum

Source: ACAPM

Financial Benchmarks Specialist Advisory firm, Associates in Capital Markets (ACAPM) announced the release of social forum to collaborate on LIBOR, EURIBOR and other such critical Financial Benchmarks.

Financial Benchmarks arena has seen a sea of changes in the recent past. With regulators and supervisory authorities making critical adjustments to the way benchmarks are administered, contributed, calculated and consumed, it is imperative to understand the implications of these changes.

The Financial Benchmark Forum released by ACAPM is designed for the discovery of collaborative insights on key changes in financial benchmark arena. The key objective is to enable various stakeholders of financial benchmarks to not only get a deeper understanding but also to create a platform for voicing the market sentiments on the various aspects of Financial Benchmarks.

“As specialists in Financial Benchmarks, we are aware of the amount of changes occurring in this space. While regulators are leaving no stone unturned to ensure a robust and resilient benchmark framework, it cannot be a one-way flow of information.” said Cornelius Nandyal, Partner at ACAPM. “Creating a platform for collaboration will provide all the benchmark stakeholders, from financial institutions to consumers, an opportunity to interact with each other to iron out grey areas and to ensure a productive dialogue for realisation of regulatory goals. ACAPM has been very active in providing periodic insights, regulatory text navigations, compliance solutions and such other tools in Financial Benchmark landscape. The addition of this forum is vital and in line with our overall objective of furthering the financial benchmark resilience.”

Through easy-to-use interface and open community principle, ACAPM’s Financial Benchmark Forum is a community-driven platform for all things Financial Benchmarks.

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